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By 1974 the fuel crisis was becoming apparent and a straight six-cylinderengine was produced, and the 280SL was born. While never available in the US itbecame a hit in Europe and sold 25,500 units by the end of its life in 1985 witha considerable number of these owners opting for the manual gearshift. Despitethe engine size reduction it still managed a reasonable 185bhp and 176 lb/ft andsatisfied those markets where heavy taxes were imposed on any cars exceeding 3.0litres. This engine was also available in a new 280SLC. The SLC had beenlaunched soon after the 350SL as a coupe version, which afforded reasonable rearseat accommodation along with a permanent hard roof. To accomplish this thelength was extended by 38cm and is easily distinguished by a chromed panelextending from the rear side windows, which allowed the rest of the window toavoid the wheel arches when wound down. Production was limited but followed theprogress of the 107 until the coupe?s last incarnation as a 380SLC in 1981